Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Semantic Web 2.0...

I just noticed the article from Dan Zambonini "Is Web 2.0 killing the Semantic Web? ". From my perspective the article shows a misconception that people seems to have around the Semantic Web: the Semantic Web effort itself does not provide applications (like the Web 2.0 meme indicates) - it rather provides standards to interlink applications. So for Web 2.0 (or the Semantic Web 2.0) Semantic Web recommendations provide a way to interlink applications. Within DERI we are actually building examples - these include the SIOC specification to semantically interlink community sites, a Semantic Blog, the Social Semantic Desktop, and more. The most interesting part is that the step from a Web 2.0 application to a Semantic Web 2.0 is a small step, but it creates lots of tangible benefits. For a better explanation see the previous blog entry.

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