Monday, October 10, 2005

"Semantic Web and Semantic Web services: Can One Go without the Other?"

UPDATE (October 24, 2005): I just got notified that the panel was canceled since the conference organizers felt there was too much semantics involved. Oh well...
I just accepted an inivitation for a panel at the 3rd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 12-15, 2005. The titel of the panel is "Semantic Web and Semantic Web services: Can One Go without the Other?". The other panelists are Amit Sheth, John Domingue, Frank Leymann, and Martin Hepp. As a Semantic Web scientist this is an irresistible opportunity to get grilled within the European context, which is very heavily invested in Semantic Web services.
Without a doubt Semantic Web Services have their application area, but in the first place the Web is a communication and collaboration medium between humans - and this potential has not been fully exploited so far. This slide describes the idea and the path forward looking at the social semantic side of the Web.


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